seo tipsSearch engine optimization (SEO) is a key factor in the success of digital marketing initiatives. Having a content marketing strategy is pointless unless your content can be found.

Here are a few tips from Content Marketing Institute’s article “Don’t Make These 9 Common SEO Mistakes.”

  • You focus on likes, not links. Likes are good to have, but links provide more viral reach and can link back to your website which should be the central hub of your online activity.
  • Content doesn’t go to a source. Again, posting messages on social media is good, but linking back to your website is better. Having all of your information on your website ensures the search engines will find and index your content for search.
  • You are targeting the wrong audience. Your content needs to add value to your customers and also to the search community.
  • You don’t get help from a power user. Influencers can help promote your content to their networks and communities. Share useful content to these people and establish relationships with them.
  • You use the wrong (or no) words. Make sure your keywords are not industry or technical terms. Ask your customers what words they would use when searching for your company or products/services. Use Google Trends and to research common phrases.
  • You break your website. When updating your website, be sure the high performing older pages have proper redirects so their SEO rankings will not be lost. Also make sure images and links are properly reconnected.
  • You don’t have a plan for outreach. Create processes to build an outreach of influencers.
  • You don’t gather data. Competitive intelligence gathering is important to stay ahead of the competition. Know what keywords are working for them online as well as your own.

For more great SEO advice, check out Content Marketing Institute’s website.

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